A. Foundations


Right, here’s a little bit of background info to set the scene. I dropped out of Durham University (studying French and Spanish) last December. This was largely due to my propensity to get pretty bad S.A.D, with that year being a prime example and resulting in five months of clinical depression. However (here comes the silver lining) through this, I accumulated a year’s worth of student loans. Naturally I decided that the best thing to do would be to spend it galavanting around the world, in other words, escaping the bitter English winter!

I’m going to try to avoid pretension, tedious details and large monologues wallowing in self pity when things go wrong but, above all, I’m using this blog as a digital journal – doubling up as a way of keeping family/friends assured that I haven’t yet been eaten by cannibals (incidentally if you have a moment read this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/papuanewguinea/9398339/Papua-New-Guinea-charges-29-alleged-cannibals.html#). So you must excuse the poor English (please don’t feel the need to point out the irony that I will in fact be teaching English), horrific grammar, overly long sentences (I do this a lot) and lack of fascinating insights into various philosophies etc.

PS I’m going to use song titles for the posts in case you’re wondering why I’ve used a particularly illogical one. Not necessarily anything sentimental, just whatever springs to mind.

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe - Summer 2011

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe – Summer 2011

St. Petersburg, Russia - Easter 2011

St. Petersburg, Russia – Easter 2011

Paris May 2012

Paris May 2012

Venice 2008

Venice 2008

Maldives 2008

Maldives 2008

Marrakech, Morocco - Summer 2011

Marrakech, Morocco – Summer 2011

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34 thoughts on “A. Foundations

  1. Hello – sounds like the past couple days have been pretty rough for you, so sorry! Thank you that in the midst of all that you stopped by and read my blog. Praying for God to RESTORE (Is 42:22) your health quickly because of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done.

  2. My goodness, you are almost as far away from Durham University as you can get. Haven’t read all your posts but am wondering if the tropical climate is beneficial to your S.A.D.? Hope so.

  3. You are my HERO! I think it is sooo awesome and courageous to leave school and travel the globe. I loved reading some of your posts and cannot wait to read more! Have a fun and peaceful journey in your future adventures to come 🙂

  4. Fantastic! You are sure to receive a better education spending the student loans like this than for more hours in stuffy old uni halls in the UK. Good on ya! Your experiences are worth sharing, so I thank you from the bottom of my Strunk & White for writing them well … using grammar, capitalisation, and that. Also, thanks for checking out I Call It My Art. It’s fun finding your blog and thinking of my own travels, past and future. ~mollysue

  5. I’ve been trying to work out where to go on your site to say thank you for indicating your “Like” on my thingy – sometimes ya know its really difficult to find a place easily to do this on peoples sites because they are so complicated to use – simple is best you know – can’t you have an “About” page.

    And hey listen – aren’t you just a little hottie – what a pretty girl you most certainly are.

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. Sophie, I can completely relate to your struggle with depression, as I’ve battled it most of my life. When my mom passed away a little over a year ago, I truly felt that the only thing that could calm and heal my soul was to immerse myself in raw nature and culture and try to fall in love with the world again. You made the right choice, dropping out of school and traveling (but you know that!). I LOVE your blog, and I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, which you can read about and accept here: http://thetraveluster.com/2013/05/02/versatile-blogger-award-celebrating-bloggers/

  7. Thanks for liking our blog, ‘another couple’s blog’, post! It means a lot since our blog is fairly new 🙂 Oh yeah, I love the idea of your blog. Traveling the world? I’m sure it’s on everyone’s bucket list. I know it’s on mine!

  8. Just looking at your list of places at the top of the page and I think that is a very cool (or should I say hot?) list. Love to see how you get on and good luck. Thanks too for popping over to my humble wee blog and putting down a like. Hopefully you will be back and see more that you like. Take care and above all have fun. MM 🍀

  9. Thanks for the like at sublimedays. I love what you are doing and am following as well as sharing your site with my young-adult children who several years ago, at ages 16 & 19, together spent four months in New Zealand rather than a formal school semester.
    You’ve picked a wise way to spend your school money. Good for you. You’ll have a resume like no other! Enjoy each place you visit and share your love with each country and its people.

  10. I am new to WordPress and I recently started a blog for class. Somehow you found me and I am glad you did. Your blog is wonderful, your journey is inspiring and educational, and you are gorgeous. Cheers!

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