Around the World/ Let it Rain


What a crazy journey. Have finally arrived, miraculously with all my luggage, at Nadi. That was potentially the longest single journey I’ve ever done: Night in Newark; Long stopover and surreal brief few hours wandering around LA; a fair stint in Auckland then finally touch down into rainy Fiji.

My first impression is being instantly reminded of Papua New Guinea, with the cloud topped mountains, yet the ‘wilderness’ has been toned down a few notches here. I was able to take a taxi from the airport, for one.

Nadi Bay Fiji

There appears to have been some kind of mix up. I booked a ‘single’ room so wouldn’t have to force myself to socialise in the wake of the lengthy series of flights… what I have here is a total of two rooms, one bathroom, three double beds and a bunk bed. I appear to be renting out the entire hostel. As I’m only here for two nights and pretty exhausted I decided just to leave the situation – the price isn’t higher than advertised so in that respect it’s fine. It was not their fault about the loss of the extra night so nothing I could do about that. The only issue is that the people running this place must think I have a very high opinion of myself, with a separate bed to rotate between each half-a-day. It took me a good while to stop chuckling to myself about the ridiculousness of the situation.

I, of course, ventured straight out to have a look around. The rain was immaterial given the heat so I simply put my camera in a boat bag (water tight) and walked down to the beach. All the other tourists were huddled in the bar, which I suppose should not come as a surprise by now, which resulted in me having the vast expanse of volcanic beach to myself. Well, there was one exception in the form of a suitably obese local waving at me as he paddled about in the water and tried to entice me to join him.

I walked a fair distance up the beach collecting anything of interest, which mostly consisted of a variety of pretty olive shells and some quirky pods…I didn’t particularly enjoy the slow-motion driving and leering of a few men along the sandy beach-side road – they probably were utterly harmless but I can’t help but be a little on edge as a, fairly vulnerable, lone female! But apart from that it was fantastic to get out into the light rain after the long flights. It started to clear up a little as I walked home.

Nadi Bay Fiji

Early night for me tonight. Have no idea what body clock I’ve got going on currently, but all that I do know is that it was the 31st of July and it’s now the 2nd August and I’ve had no sleep, so 8pm seems an entirely reasonable bedtime right now!

Nadi bay

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