Bells Ring

Nha Trang BeachI assumed that an overnight bus would simply constitute an ordinary bus that travels at all hours. I was amusingly surprised, therefore, to discover that these buses are set up more like a moving dorm room, with seats set up in bunk bed fashion that recline almost to horizontal level. Needless to say that it was still pretty difficult to get any sleep with all the noise and changes in motion, but at least they tried!

Nha Trang is yet another bustling city but with the significant addition of a large beach. As city beaches go, it’s pretty fantastic, but having not researched into the location I was a little disappointed; I’d been expecting a more isolated haven like some of the idyllic beaches I’ve been spoilt with on previous trips. I’m not such a big fan of resorts, skyscraper backdrops and sunbeds as far as the eye can see. However, this disappointment was purely self inflicted, without preconceptions Nha Trang would have been a lovely surprise. The water is the perfect temperature – warm yet refreshing – and incredibly clean considering that it’s on the banks of a growing city.

One thing to be wary of is the danger of being ripped off along the sea front – as is the case with the majority of seaside resorts! A small sandwich can cost up to $10. There are plenty of smaller, more genuine Vietnamese restaurants just a couple of blocks back towards the city. For lunch, for example, I tried out the classic local ‘pho’ (rice noodle soup) for just $1.50. Granted, the salad stuff on the side looks a little dodgy (and salads should probably be avoided anyway due to the unclean water) but the soup itself was fantastically full of spice and flavour.

The town itself doesn’t have quite as much to offer in comparison to places like Ho Chi Minh but there are still a few places worth checking out if you can drag yourself off the beach. Long Son Pagoda, established in 1963 to honour the monks and nuns who died demonstrating against the Diem government, is a beautifully serene temple amidst the surrounding city chaos. You quite possibly might expend your life in the elaborate dance through the motorbikes across the road trying to get there but if successful then you’re in for a treat!

Long Son Pagoda

152 steps from the temple take you up to the white Buddha sitting on a hill which gives you the only views possible over the city. It’s definitely worth getting here in the morning though as around eleven it was starting to pack out with tours of people.

On stopping to photograph a monk ringing the bell systematically half way up the steps I was invited to sit inside the large bell whilst it sounded, accompanied by his chants.


Long Son Pagoda

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