Darkness Between The Fireflies



Next stop: Monteverde. My frustration with the health and safety rules continues. The Monteverde cloud forest itself was in fact so cloudy that we could barely see anything on our three hour hike through the park. The hummingbirds however in the national park’s ‘humming bird garden’ were simply stunning: ranging in many different luxurious colours and sizes.





We decided to explore the lower forest that night and stumbled across a number of different creatures including agoutis (like a small version of a capybara), racoons, numerous fireflies, white-nosed coati and red-kneed tarantulas. We were also harrased by the tarantula wasp, which apparently gives one of the most painful stings in the world. It kept landing on our clothes – my back for example or our guides neck. Not nice! The forest became unusually quiet for a significant period of time – the reason soon became apparent  We got a very brief glimpse at a mountain lion wandering through an old farm!


‘Headlight click beetle’. When in the air it shines about twice as brightly as the fireflies. It also has a nifty way of flipping itself over when it’s stuck on it’s back: It tucks it’s legs in and makes a loud ‘click’ noise with it’s wings plopping back over onto it’s front!

ImageI have to admit that I was completely unaware that scorpions reflect UV light! Pretty cool.



21 thoughts on “Darkness Between The Fireflies

  1. Not only are these photos amazing but they are so perfect for what I’m teaching my students right now. We were learning about beetles and fireflies and I was trying to explain the concept in English and broken Korean, but now I shall show them some of these photographs! Thanks for sharing, you have a new follower. 🙂

  2. What Beautiful Photos!! I Live in Tennessee and we have actually had the opportunity of holding hummingbirds, they are such amazing creatures!! I dont know if I would “want” to see a mountain Lion though!

  3. Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. What an experience. I loved the photos till i got to the bottom and nearly freaked. Lol I am so phobic when it comes to spiders. YIKES!! Lol Hugs Paula xxx

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