I Wanna Hold Your Hand


“Being asked what animal you’d like to be is a trick question; you’re already an animal.”
 – Doug Coupland 

Our next stop was Ometepe: a beautiful volcanic Island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. As you can see, I made a new little friend. It’s hard to believe that he’s wild! Perhaps I was a little foolish to get so close but he really seemed ravenous for human company – completely bizarre! He particularly liked holding my hand or having his hand or head stroked; he would come running over and splat down on the floor or chair in front of me and grab my hand and just lie there holding it! Alternatively he’d just reach out his hand expectantly, like a dog waiting to have it’s belly scratched! He even jumped onto my lap a couple of times!

Hilariously he didn’t seem to like my friends, actually bearing his teeth at the men! Later, when I left to have a shower after a dip in the sea lake, he followed me back to my room and apparently was peering through the glass of the door with his hands up by his eyes to block out the reflection like a human!





Like little babies’ hands!



The Island horses are allowed to roam free, stopping in herds to drink from the lake in front of our rooms. The horses were also available to ‘hire’ for an hour or so, leading to fantastic gallops across the beach. An idyllic place to visit on a trip to Central America.




P.S.please excuse the infrequency and poor quality of posts – Have had lots of 4.30 AM starts and long days crossing borders etc.

6 thoughts on “I Wanna Hold Your Hand

  1. Wow this is amazing I’m so beyond jealous of you right now! I have horses and it is awesome to see them allowed to roam free there what a sight to see!
    And u got to meet that little guy! Guhhhhh so jealous
    Great post, I would have taken the risk to get up close too ahaha so cute

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