True Colours


Scarlet Macaws are undoubtedly an incredibly beautiful specimen of nature. Their delicate patterns and rich colours seem almost artificial in their extravagance.

The Mayan ruins of Copán, Honduras, where streaked with flashes of vivid reds, blues and yellows as hoards of Macaws flew overhead creating an unforgettable backdrop to yet another fascinating archaeological site.




Copan ruins are renowned for the abundance of hieroglyphs amongst the ruins, the majority of which are yet to be interpreted. Dates are one of the few sets of hieroglyphs which historians have managed to master. Each date has its own unique properties which are only repeated after the solar system has completed a full cycle every 52 years. My birth date for example, the 2nd of October 1992, has its own properties and characteristics which were thought to be typical of those born on that particular date. My colour is blue, my stones are Amethyst and Lapislasul, my points of energy are the crown of my head and my left big toe (which is rather worse for wear at the moment following the night out in Argentina), My number of good fortune should be 15, I need to remember to ‘put myself first’ and my animals are the rare Blue Eagle and the Deer. These particular characteristic will be common to those born on this exact date 52 years before and after my birthday.


Above is the head of a dragon Carving. Many of the mayan relics reflect ancient chinese and Japanese culture. Here the dragon’s eyes and mouth have maintained some of their original red colouring. All of the ruins would originally have been brightly coloured in reds yellows and blues. Below is an alternative to the ball game I spoke of in Chichen-Itza, Mexico (Ulumi) Here the teams would aim to hit the ball at one of the stone Macaw heads, using only their torso, elbows and knees to bat the ball around.


Speaking of deer, bizarrely, having arrived now on Roatan Island off the Caribbean coast of Honduras, I spotted a deer on the beach at night after popping in for a late night swim. It was incredibly surreal, as you could imagine! What’s more, the doe seemed incredibly tame, munching on the shrubs at the edge of the beach a mere few metres away from me and watching attentively.

Roatan is very similar to Caye Caulker in that it is a classic laid-back Caribbean Island. Unfortunately our visit has coincided with a bout of rather bad weather so snorkelling has not been particularly successful. We have however become familiar with the local bars which offer the most fantastic cocktails on the beach! Bliss!


“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” 

– William Shakespeare, ‘As you like it’


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