Salt Skin


Yesterday we visited the salt flats in Uyuni, Bolivia. This is the largest expanse of salt in the world. It was absolutely jaw dropping. We drove in Jeeps across the flats for around half an hour, giving us an idea of just how enormous they are.  We then, of course, stopped for the obligatory perspective shots. I bought a plastic king kong specifically for this purpose!



We also visited a ‘factory’, for want of a better world to describe some piles of salt and a man grinding it up! It was interesting to hear that it’s usually the children’s job to package up the salt – using an open fire to seal the plastic bags. Safe.


IMG_1000All of the buildings and houses in the area were additionally built with salt bricks. Pretty brave, considering the frequent rain!

Following this excursion we headed over to the local ‘train graveyard’ which allegedly is home to one of the trains accosted by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! The duo certainly seem to have been very prominent in Uyuni. The graveyard was far more picturesque than I’d expected, with the old track stretching out into the horizon and a threatening storm looming in the background.




10 thoughts on “Salt Skin

  1. We love these photos, they really capture the atmosphere, especially the train tracks disappearing into the storm, awesome is an overused word in these comments, but what other word suffices!!! M&D

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