A Dustland Fairytale

“Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization.”
Charles Lindbergh 

We’ve just drive for two days north from Salta into Bolivia. We stopped en route at a little town called Tupiza in the Desert Mountains. The drive presented us with the most incredible views of the Argentinean painted mountains and the similar landscape of south Bolivia, dotted of course with packs of llamas and numerous cacti! The iconic Bolivian women here are so fantastically photogenic but unfortunately do not seem at all agreeable to having their photos taken which is a shame. I’ll see what I can do without offending anybody!

The landscape is so ridiculously dusty that if you open the truck window for a second a huge cloud of dust will immediately fight its way in! We stopped for lunch yesterday in a little mud-brick hamlet in the middle of the desert. There were llama skins and bones sporadically scattered around the place. Apparently llamas provide the staple part of their diets. There was even a little school there! I find it impossible to imagine how people can live in such conditions! The Papua Guinea villages, although primitive, had an abundance of fresh water and fertile turf. Compare that to a barren desert with only a small well in the centre!


Here’s a glimpse of the Argentinian ‘painted mountains’.

IMG_0908At the Bolivian border…