Concerning Hobbits


It was so bizarre watching Martin Freeman wandering about on the set we’d visited a couple of days previously. The Hobbit was brilliant. Three hours well spent! Such a fantastic new soundtrack as well. I didn’t realise that they were planning on splitting the film into three parts though. I’m not really complaining if it allows Peter Jackson to follow the book thoroughly; It really irritates me when the directors completely change the course of the story or miss out key scenes (i.e. Harry Potter). As usual, the special effects were impeccable. In fact, I’ve spent the day indulging my inner geek by means of a Wellington Lord of the Rings locations and studio tour which was very informative in terms of the technical aspects of the filming and production process. However, after the film finished last night we went out in Wellington and didn’t make it back to the hostel until around 6:30 in the morning which greatly impeded my ability to remain conscious, let alone attentive, on the tour.

If you havn’t stumbled upon this interview before then check it out. It’s pretty funny.


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