Wow. Lots to fit in. Firstly we stopped off to see the kiwi birds at a sanctuary. They are the cutest little things I’ve ever seen. I want one! We quickly headed over to see the geisers which were, of course, incredible – we popped a bag full of eggs into one of them and they were boiled in 3 minutes!

After arriving in Taupo I had to sprint over to the marina to head off on my parasailing. It was incredibly relaxing bobbing about in the air above Lake Taupo with Mount Doom in the background. Absolutely incredible. Without having a moment to settle I whisked myself straight off to Taupo Tandem Skydiving. Yes, don’t worry Mum, It’s over now. A fall of 15000 feet – free fall for a minute. My heart was inevitably banging in protest against my ribcage and I felt pretty nausious. The fall itself felt a little like being slapped in the face by the wind. Pretty bloody terrifying. Once the shoot was up we spiralled down slowly, churning my stomach to the point that I thought I was embarassingly going to throw up mid-air – particularly as I was still pretty hung over from the night in Rotorua the night before. Skydiving: not a great thing to do hungover. We eventually bumped down, bums first onto solid ground, thank god.

I decided to check my email in the free wifi whilst waiting for my video to be edited and discovered that I’ve got an unconditional offer from UCL, despite my bizarre interview. Right now life is pretty damn good.

Better photos will follow but in the mean time here’s one I took whilst parasailing