The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning


So my time in Papua New Guinea is finally over. Phase one complete. I’m currently in Brisbane preparing for my flight to Auckland tomorrow…re-shuffling my bags with completely different clothes suitable for ‘normal’ civilisation. I had a look in the mirror yesterday for the first time in a month. I look ridiculous: My arms and face have tanned but the rest of me is resolutely pastey. I got on the phone to a couple of hostels in New Zealand and the bus company that’s going to be transporting me around the place (Kiwi experience) so that’s all sorted. It’s going to be a nice change bobbing about like a real tourist as opposed the getting knee-deep in dangerous community issues…I’m sure I will miss it but for the moment it’s fantastically liberating to be able to leave the house without a bodyguard of sorts. It feels like coming home from Manapools in Zimbabwe to the realisation that you can go outside without having to be constantly alert for hyenas, elephants, lions etc. (One particular incident that comes to mind is going by torchlight to get something from the car and coming face to face with an evil looking, mangy hyena)

I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to get internet in the various places I’m visiting in NZ but I’ll try my best 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

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  2. Awesome Soph, glad you’re still having a good time, and I imagine it will be mega nice to be a tourist! Missing you, and looking forward to seeing you in January. Mil x

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