Weapon Of Choice

As my time here draws to a close, I’m carefully abiding to the Papua New Guinean motto: ‘Expect the unexpected.’ My communication with UCL following their invitation for an interview this November in London (Great, but also very impossible) has led to the arrangement for an interview over Skype tomorrow at 19.40 PNG time (9.40 in England). I’m incredibly grateful that the time difference is not at all inconvenient; I was not relishing the idea of waking up at 4:00 to answer questions about my life story. I will be (hopefully) flying to boiling Port Moresby tomorrow so with any luck, I’ll be able to find some internet there! I’ve spent today trying to remember what I included in my personal statement…not easy! The frustrating thing is that UCL offered me a place when I first applied but I turned it down. Hopefully they won’t remember but one of the inconveniences of having such a strange name as ‘ffrench-Constant’ is that it doesn’t blend in as well as your average ‘Smith’ or ‘Richards’.

I’ve also spent the day debating which of my gifts to risk taking through the labyrinth that is Australian customs. I’ve taken out any items with seeds on them (usually in the form of beads) and bilas with fur or feathers on – I’m going to try to post them home! I’m risking taking my 10 spears and other bits and bobs including bow and arrows through customs. I’m not particularly optimistic but we’ll see!

Thalia and I have just been listening to Verena reading German advent stories under candle light. I’m going to miss this family.