The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

The Kids Don't Stand A Chance

The teachers are so incredibly slack here that they are absent the majority of the time. School is cancelled at all opportunities, however ridiculous they are: If it’s raining school is canceled; if there’s a rugby match on school is canceled; if some of the teachers are away school is cancelled. The school is very interested in attracting charity and donations (it all boils down to money really) but the education of the children is given very little priority. This was one of my two grade 6 classes; I managed to find a teacher to take them so that I could focus on just one class for the day. There are some bright crayons in the bunch but, for some of them, their lack of basic knowledge is mind-blowing. A couple of the 12 year olds struggled to count up to ten.


3 thoughts on “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

  1. Papua New Guinea from what I hear is an extremely remote part of the world, and one that is riddled with crime. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to go somewhere like that just so you can help make a difference, so you should be proud of yourself.

    And awesome blog too. Your output is amazing! I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts 😉

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