God’s Gonna Cut You Down

So the Nominos picked me up yesterday and took me to their house (well, hut) in a village about 40 minutes away. Like most communities here they live with their extended family. They call it their ‘Kingdom’. Their daughters Roselyn and Georgie are around my age and are incredibly nice, they took me down for a swim in the river. Mr and Mrs Nomino are extremely religious. The first thing that they did when I arrived was to call together the family and have an hour long mass. After explaining to them the situation with Margaret they believe that she is actually a witch. Seriously. Black magic etc. They told me that they can see satan’s presence in her and that she will be punished by God. They kept going on about how God has left the rest of the world and is now in PNG looking out for me. Mr Nomino then recounted a story from 20 years ago when his family were shot at by maniacs with machine guns. Not a single bullet hit any of them. He claims ‘gods protection knows no bounds’. He followed up this story with a tale of how he once saw an angel on the spot where he built his house…hmm.

On the drive back to Goroka (where I stayed in a Lutheran rest house for the night with Mrs Nominos sister) the entire family were singing hymns and songs about Jesus. It was pretty surreal. However, despite the extremities of their beliefs I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming kindness they have shown me. It was great fun with the kids in the river too! I’m now with a German couple in Goroka. They have running water, very unreliably, but still – luxury! The Nominos have kindly offered to transport me to and from the school on a daily basis and anywhere else that I want to visit.


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