Point Of Disgust

I can’t believe it. I literally can’t believe it. Words cannot describe how angry I am right now.

I was planning on doing a trek over to ‘bushmando’ village this morning with Pogio so I fed Kai and took him over to Pogio’s house for his sons (Alfonso and Terry) to look after whilst we were gone. I was gone for a few hours. Ahhh! I should never have left him with them!

Pogio had a village meeting to attend, so I walked back with his two young daughters through the jungle. I explained to them that I would come up to their house first to collect my ‘cus cus’ (possum). We arrived at the house and said hello. I asked how the Possum was doing. Alfonso casually replied “Oh we jus’ about to put em in pot now”.

I thought he was joking; I even laughed for a split second before I realised that he was being serious. My poor little, hideously ironically named, Nokaikai went through all that stress and torment just to get killed, skinned and eaten. I still can’t believe that this has just happened.

I think they thought that they were doing me a favour, saving me the trouble of cooking it myself. I’m a vegetarian you fools.

Walking back from bushmando – blissfully unaware that my beloved pet was being prepped for supper.

Now I’ve just got this bloody mouse for company which is relentlessly eating what little clothing I have left.


18 thoughts on “Point Of Disgust

  1. So upset for you right now, I would have cried hysterically… Did you manage to hold it together? Why did they not understand what you meant when you left him with them to look after?xx

  2. Oh dear, we are very upset for you,how very sad, frustrating and disappointing.No wonder you are so angry, I guess that the concept of vegetarians and pets had not been understood.
    Hope you will have some happier events soon to cheer you up,big hugs,xx

  3. I can totally relate to your feelings…I know that I’m not the only one who encounters totally unexpected and tragic events, all the worse when from people you were counting on to help you in terms you understand. Thank you for sharing. We once had a baby possum find its way into our home, and my husband wanted to keep it as a pet. It just seemed so unfair, though, that the possum was getting to stay indoors while my husband expected my loyal dog George to remain outdoors even in the worst of weather. I decided the possum should be let free…someday, I’m going to write a story called “George and the Ossum Possum”. I am so sad for you and your little awesome possum. Blessings to you, and to your mouse :l

  4. Not sure where you are and have come to your blog just lately. Are you in NZ? You know possums are considered a pest animal here and people kill them all the time. Sorry to hear of your loss though. Never easy to loose a pet.

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