Point Of Disgust

I can’t believe it. I literally can’t believe it. Words cannot describe how angry I am right now.

I was planning on doing a trek over to ‘bushmando’ village this morning with Pogio so I fed Kai and took him over to Pogio’s house for his sons (Alfonso and Terry) to look after whilst we were gone. I was gone for a few hours. Ahhh! I should never have left him with them!

Pogio had a village meeting to attend, so I walked back with his two young daughters through the jungle. I explained to them that I would come up to their house first to collect my ‘cus cus’ (possum). We arrived at the house and said hello. I asked how the Possum was doing. Alfonso casually replied “Oh we jus’ about to put em in pot now”.

I thought he was joking; I even laughed for a split second before I realised that he was being serious. My poor little, hideously ironically named, Nokaikai went through all that stress and torment just to get killed, skinned and eaten. I still can’t believe that this has just happened.

I think they thought that they were doing me a favour, saving me the trouble of cooking it myself. I’m a vegetarian you fools.

Walking back from bushmando – blissfully unaware that my beloved pet was being prepped for supper.

Now I’ve just got this bloody mouse for company which is relentlessly eating what little clothing I have left.