“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” -Dr. Seuss

Pigin: Sampela meri i lainnim mi long tok pigin. Mi tok mi interest long how yupela makim bilum na ol tok olsem bai mipela go makim bilum. Ol nice tru. Lo morning mi kirap, mi kai kai. Big Mami boilim wara. Mi was was na mi wasim grass blo mi. Mi long walkabout lo tik bush! Em no hard tru long mi. Behind, Mi go lo skul na mi teachim ol pikinini. Em narapela samting hai. Mi like lukim ol sing-sing na mi like go long lukim solwara.Mi lukautim cas cas – mi got em insit lo haus. Em col Kai. mi likim em! Mi week, tasol mi bai sleep behind. Em ol gutpla

English: Some girls are teaching me to speak pidgin. I said that I was interested in how they make bilums (special wool/rope bags) and they told me that they would make me some! They’re very sweet. In the morning I wake up, I eat. Big Mami boils the water. I ‘shower’ and wash my hair. I go for a walk in the jungle. It’s not too difficult. Later, I go to the school and teach the kids. It’s different here! I would like to see a sing-sing and I want to visit the coast. I have a pet possum in the house called Kai. I love it! I’m tired, but will sleep later. All is well.

Not sure how much of this is actually accurate – just stringing together bits and bobs that the girls have taught me! I’m getting there though.

I’m teaching the grade 6 this week – they were fantastic today: really well behaved.  The trouble is some of them are clearly very bright and need to be given extra work to keep them occupied whereas a couple of them can barely speak English and can’t even grasp the most basic concepts so need lots of extra attention. I’m shocked by how some of the other teachers treat the children though; In the assembly this morning (held on the mud outside) the headmistress was calling them ‘dirty pigs’!

P.B. I tried a thing that they call a ‘tree tomato’ today. It tasted a bit like a cross between a tomato and a guava, except much more acidic. I’m not sure I’m particularly taken with it.