Live and Let Die

No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.

We’ve been pretty surrounded by death over the last few days. There have been a couple of pretty hideous road accidents involving PMVs full of people crashing into each other and crushing the passengers. It’s not really surprising as the drivers here are lunatics. Perhaps because the accessibility of driving is still relatively new here, there seems to be absolutely no concept of road safety – they drive at up to 80mph just beeping horns to tell the villagers on the road to get out of the way. The elderly couple up the road have their son, killed by a truck on the road, buried in their garden; It’s a tradition here for loved ones to be buried in their family’s garden. One of Margaret’s nieces died of malaria a few days ago so the whole clan has been in a process of mourning. People don’t hold back when they cry here, they just let it out as a wail or shriek. The funeral was today. It’s traditional for the grieving family members to wipe mud over their faces and clothes. Really very moving to see how close the ‘unit’ of the clan is. I thought it would be inappropriate for me to attend the funeral so opted for going to church with Pogio instead.

On a slightly lighter note, the car journey up to the Baptist church in the nearby ‘bushmando’ village was ridiculous. The road consisted of wet mud tracks up and down incredibly steep hills which Pogio just careered up and down without any hesitation. The car was slipping and sliding everywhere and there were eight people in the back. I was genuinely terrified! It seemed as if he had no control over the direction the car moved in whatsoever! At one particularly steep rise I actually got out of the car to walk up – my excuse being to ‘take photos’.  I decided to walk back home!

Part of the road up to the village

P.B Nokaikai (Kai for short) is doing great he’s been eating paw paw and some of my delicious passion fruits 🙂