Bright Eyes

This afternoon Pogio took us up the mountain in his car/bus (he is a relatively well-to-do businessman with many pigs – a sign of wealth). The bright patches of sun and sweeping rain clouds across the mountains were stunning from up there. The villages were getting increasingly primitive the higher we drove! When we were near to the top there was a man with a possum on a stick at the side of the road. Pogio explained that he would sell it at the market and that it was very delicious meat. I, as you would imagine, could not bear this so I bought it myself. It cost 20 Kina (roughly £5). Loading it into the minibus was hilarious. Possum bite so putting it in the back with the 6 people did not last very long. Pogio then roped the stick that it was tied to onto the roof and we drove back like that! It even started raining, the poor thing, but I didn’t think the others would approve if I let it go there and then. I’ve named it Nokaikai which means ‘not food’ in Pidgin… I’m going to keep it for a week or so then let release it back into the jungle 🙂 So for the time being I have a new pet possum!


Pogio holding Nokaikai


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