Life On Mars


Sorting beans with Margaret’s family


Golden Slumbers

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

Hmm. Not quite so pleasant when you’re woken up by squealing pigs every morning at 4:00 AM! I spotted the little bugger that’s been eating my clothes – a rather large, fat mouse scurrying about on the beams in my room.

P.B. I have been going to work in my pyjamas. It turns out that they are the most appropriate clothes to wear.


So it turns out I left my VISA card in Brisbane. Not ideal. Not only do I need to buy food etc I also am required to pay Margaret around 100Kina a week (around £25). After a massive panic, including ringing Anna, Mum and Wendy in Australia we decided that I needed to open up a PNG bank account so that Wendy could transfer some money over to me. Today after hanging about for about three hours (the Papua New Guineans move at a very glacial pace) Margaret’s brother-in-law Paul took me into Goroka (30 minutes on a small, crammed bus) where I opened a new bank account with one of PNG’s 3 banks – West Pacific.

Just as an indication of the technological backwardness of Goroka, we went to get Paul’s driving license renewed with a new photo and after waiting for an hour we had to give up as their printer had jammed.