Tired of Waiting/ I don’t wanna miss a thing

I queued in Port Moresby airport from 12:00 until 3:20. It has to be one of the most inefficient airports I’ve been in (and I’ve known some bad ones!) Whilst I was queueing for my domestic flight transfer the UK national anthem started playing loudly outside and from what I could see loads of people were gathered around trying to see something…I asked a friendly Oz guy what was going on and , of course, it was Prince Charles and Camilla getting on their flight home!
Then there was SUCH a close shave – I thought i’d rest my eyes and consequently fell asleep in the departure lounge. I woke up 10 minutes after my plane was scheduled to leave! Missing it would have meant I would have to stay overnight in Moresby – the crime capital and buy a new flight. I was completely freaking out, as you can imagine. So I went to the gate and explained – they said I probably wouldn’t be able to get on – but I kept badgering them, explaining my suitcase was on the plane etc and they gave in and told me to run over! Got on the plane as it was supposed to be leaving!!
P.B. My first encounter with pidgin: A ‘NO ENTRY’ sign with the PNG version next to it reading ‘NO KAN CAM INSAIT’. Fantastic.


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