Nights in White Satin

A convoy of ladies came to meet me at Goroka airport then Pogio drove us to mando – by this point it was dark. I knew it was going to be basic but it still surprised me by just how far it is detached from western civilization! My hut has half the floor covered in intertwined palm leaves, the other’s just dirt. My shower consists of chucking a bucket of water over myself outside. Some creature even ate my pants last night. Really bizarre. No lights of course, in fact it’s a near miracle that I’ve managed to get my netbook up and running – A large group of the villagers were gathered round my table last night trying to help me sort it out! A switched on guy called Benson sorted me out with a modem I put my PNG sim card into – there was no internet anywhere in the town – even in the ‘internet cafe!’ Margaret, a.k.a ‘big mama’ is going to be looking after me (it’s not really safe to go anywhere by myself and any cooking has to be done over an open fire so she helps me with that). She’s quite a character!




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