Another Brick In The Wall

It was my first day today, the kids all brought me flowers and fruit from their homes (some of them have to walk for up to 2 hours to get to the school in the morning). There were so many of them that they made a large heap of flowers on the flower and I have an enormous collection of fresh fruit. The passion fruit here is extraordinary – nothing like at home. So it transpires that I’m not just teaching English. This week I’m taking 2 separate grade 7 classes of around 25 students each for every subject all day. I was having to to-and-fro between the two classrooms giving them exercises, explaining things, marking things etc. They study the basics like maths, science and language and then a couple of unfamiliar ones: ‘Healthy living’ and ‘Making a living’. Today they learnt about why it’s important to eat clean food! Also the teacher that introduced me to them told me that they are doing a project on HIV/AIDS and that I should get them to do role plays in pairs. Interesting. I sort of avoided that – couldn’t really bring myself to tell them to act out how you can get HIV. So they did some posters on it that they’d started yesterday.

P.B. It’s probably unfair for me to joke about this but this was one of the questions in their text book that I set them and a couple of them answered as follows: What is the green substance in leaves? Answer: Leaves.

Some of the flowers the kids brought me.

Some of the flowers the kids brought me.


One thought on “Another Brick In The Wall

  1. Hi Sophs, Glad you’ve got there safely. Am enjoying reading your blog- its really good! I especially like the song titles and balloons… lots of love, speak soon, Katherine xxxx

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