Tie Me Kangaroo Down

I eventually arrived in Brisbane this morning after having a major scare at security when sniffer dogs, trained to smell out food, were checking everyone. Basically Australia is very strict on their ‘no bringing food products into the country’ policy. I had crammed my rucksack with all the free food I could get my hands on over the past couple of days including food from England such as pumpkin seeds. Somehow, unbelievably, I managed to get through without any hassle.

Anyway, today after stealing a couple of hours of much needed sleep we (with my cousins Kieran and Melissa) headed over to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary was fantastic – I’d definitely recommend it to anyone passing through Brisbane! It hosts all the iconic Australian animals: platypus, wombats, Tasmanian devils, dingos and koalas (which you can cuddle!) and a large open field area with numerous different species of kangaroo and wallaby. Some more feisty than others! They also provided bird feed, for which the local lorikeets come flocking! The place is packed with wild water dragons and hilarious australian brushturkeys, busy kicking all the leaves and dirt onto the paths whilst foraging/nest building.




Wombat! Such ridiculous looking animals!

Wombat! Such ridiculous looking animals!



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