Right, I thought I’d start off with a little bit of background info to set the scene. I dropped out of Durham University (studying French and Spanish) last December. This was largely due to my propensity to get pretty bad S.A.D, with that year being a prime example. However (here comes the silver lining) through this I accumulated a year’s worth of student loans. Naturally I decided that the best thing to do would be to spend it frolicking about in foreign countries, in other words escaping the bitter English winter!

I’m going to try and avoid pretension, tedious details and large monologues wallowing in self pity when things go wrong but above all I’m using this as a digital journal – doubling up as a way of keeping family/friends assured that I haven’t yet been eaten by cannibals (incidentally if you have a moment read this So you must excuse poor English (please don’t feel the need to point out the irony that I will in fact be teaching English), horrific grammar, overly long sentences (I do this a lot) and lack of fascinating insights into various philosophies etc.


PS I’m going to use song titles for the posts in case you’re wondering why I’ve used a particularly illogical one. Not necessarily anything sentimental, just whatever springs to mind.