J. Thailand & Laos

Combined playlist for Thailand and Laos.

Click on a song to see the post 🙂

Vang Vieng Rice Paddy, Laos

Frangipani flower, Laos

White temple Chiang Rai

Tiger Temple

water lily

Elephant Ride - Luang Prabang

jaguar thailand

Buddhist gathering, chang mai

One thought on “J. Thailand & Laos

  1. I love them. Particularly like the proud tiger photo.

    At the risk of being cheeky….. I’m going to re-quote you.

    “Being asked what animal you’d like to be is a trick question; you’re already an animal.”
    – Doug Coupland

    Not sure what animal I’d like to be….. currently it’s an iguana. A marine iguana. Only found in the Galapagos. But, you know like Mr Coupland says it’s a tricky question!

    Thanks for sharing.


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